JD Edwards business-level Traps

Implementing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is sort of like buying a used Jet Plane for your business. It's big and complicated so you need help just getting it to fly. Because it was previously used by other companies all over the world you need to customize it for your business. Then, once you've got it in the air, you need to maintain it to keep it airworthy.

JD Edwards Business Function Documentation

In this article we will run the BSFN Doc Generator provided in the Solution Explorer, then we'll look at the documentation using the corresponding Viewer. After that we will use Doxygen to scan all 14M+ lines of the JDE BSFN API and produce cross-referenced and indexed documentation with embedded source code and hyperlinked reference charts. Can't be done, you say? 14M+ lines is just too big? True. Still, download the script that does it and give it a try - it works and the resulting documentation is very handy.
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