Containing the fallout from Heartbleed [UPDATED]

Based on past experience I don't really think the day-to-day operations of too many web sites will be much affected by crackers exploiting this bug. Still, The publicity around the Heartbleed bug has sensitized the public to it. From that perspective, it is indeed a very serious issue. It most certainly is not the only security issue faced by many companies. However, Heartbleed may be the bug that forces your company to discuss security with your customers. Read this article to get some ideas on properly responding to this important opportunity.

Perhaps the good guys are still crazy?

There was a time when it was commonly taught that we all need to spend time with those people who represent the best and the brightest. They help us to improve. It was taught that the best people are always very giving, always ready to help (within reason.) It was also commonly taught that inviting them out to breakfast is a good way to get a few minutes of their precious time. You can ask them serious questions during breakfast and let them take the time to give you a good answer.

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