SysBackup Installation Overview

An overview of the Installation process for SysBackup (short story: it's fast and easy.)

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Installation Overview
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Please take a moment to review the System Requirements before installing SysBackup.

At the moment there are two basic types of installation:

  1. Basic Install: The current server/workstation is backed-up to local (or mounted) storage.
  2. SSH Remote Storage: The current server/workstation is backed-up to remote storage via SSH/SCP. Optionally a copy of the backup can also be stored on the local (or mounted) filesystem.

You will always begin with the Basic Install This is relatively quick and easy to do. The basic Install involves mostly just the creation of various folders on the system.

Setup of SSH Remote Storage involves setting-up the SSH communications (installing the key files,) and installing the local exec utility script on the remote server. The Local Exec utility is included, along with a test script called Remote Exec, in the SysBackup package.

Jobs & Plugins

Once the basic software has been installed you will need to install and enable the plugins that you want to use. At the time of this writing there is a small collection of plugins available in the plugin.d/ folder. Hopefully that collection will grow over time. Each plugin is a small and simple script that is designed to perform some kind of common task. For example the mysql.plugin script is designed to backup a MySQL database server, the mailman.plugin script is designed to backup a mailman installation, etc.

Once you get to know about the different plugins you can setup the jobs you need to properly backup your server or workstation. Again, setting-up the backup jobs is fairly easy. Job configuration scripts are really just little scripts that schedule calls to the plugins.

In many cases you can configure a backup process that does everything you need to do using the plugins that are available. In some cases you might need additional functionality. If so you can review the code for one of the existing plugins and write a plugin to simplify the task you are trying to complete.

Getting Started

The new Quick Installation script (in the distribution tarball) can be used to quickly get SysBackup organized on your server or workstation. You can find the manual Basic Install procedure in the BASICINSTALL document or on the web site.

Follow the instructions in the REMOTESTORAGE document to setup SSH Remote Storage of your backups.

Be Prepared!

SysBackup can be configued to backup specific information and services. Installation and configuration is relatively simple. From there the generation of a backupset is a one-step automated process.

Unfortunately keeping a simple set of backups does not mean that you are prepared for all the different information restore issues you might face over a period of years. For helpful hints on how to make sure you are as prepared as possible please take a look at the BE-PREPARED document.

You might also want to check out the SysBackup Documentation and FAQ pages on the web site.