Site configuration changes due to Crackers Cracking

Unfortunately it turns out that crackers have become quite adept at interpreting CAPTCHA images. In the past few weeks the site has seen a constant stream of automated new user spam accounts and a few spam comment postings. Therefore two unfortunate changes were made to the site configuration today:

  • New user account creation is disabled
  • CAPTCHA image settings have been tightened.

It really wasn't necessary for readers to create their own accounts on As such the first change is largely meaningless. The other change is an annoyance for everybody. My apologies to the serious readers who are going to be frustrated by the security images when trying to post a comment.

Thanks for your understanding; please do leave your comments as I look forward to hearing from you.

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comments on comments.

Crackers cracking captchas. Quelle pain in the butt. You could adopt those 'listen to captcha' apps.
Got ur email on my comments of our gracious monarch, etc. :-)
and read the foregoing. Congratulations on having little copy editing to do.
You write well, better by far than the average I see on many sites.
For fun, you may enjoy some of my pithy comments to the great unwashed, after googling the 'amazing strawscraper' in Yahoo news, today etc.
JD May 25,2013