Sam Azer's Articles published in Print Journals

A partial list of articles by Sam Azer that were published in industry Print Journals.

Building Components 1, 2 & 3

Published in the September through November 1997 issues of C++Builder Developers Journal, Building Components is a tutorial article series devoted to the development of VCL components for the C++Builder Rapid Application Development IDE. This series of articles provided background information, instructions and sample code showing how to implement both non-visual and visual components. This article series generated a great deal of interest from the readership. Many people found the text of the articles, combined with the working sample code, to be helpful. The third installment of the series appeared on the front page of the November issue of C++BDJ.

CAD In a Consulting Business

Published in the January - February 1989 issue of Micro Cornucopia (Issue #45,) CAD in a Consulting Business is a review of several Computer Aided Design software packages (including a desktop publishing package) that were heavily used by Sam Azer in the 1980's. These packages were used primarily to aid in the design and documentation of industrial process control and data acquisition systems.

Handling Interrupts with any C

Published in the March - April 1989 issue of Micro Cornucopia (Issue #46,) Handling Interrupts with Any C, along with the associated C and Assembler source code, made it possible to register a C function as a hardware interrupt handler.

Inside PCX Graphic Files

Published in the July - August 1988 issue of Micro Cornucopia (Issue #42,) Inside PCX Graphic Files is the first article by Sam Azer to be published in a popular journal of the time. This article contains a detailed description of the structure of a PCX graphics file, a format that was very popular in the 80's. It was accompanied by sample code that could read, write and display PCX files.

Reconnoitering Resources

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Published in the December 1997 issue of C++Builder Developers Journal, this tutorial article explains how to create and use Windows Resource files. The article came with working sample code to exercise all the concepts that were discussed.

Windows Mutex Objects

{gallery}pub-scans/cppbdj/Using a Mutex to achieve Synchronization:200:300:1:0{/gallery}
Published in the January 1998 issue of C++Builder Developers Journal, Use a Mutex to achieve synchronization is a tutorial article demonstrating the use of Named Mutex Objects in Microsoft Windows. The sample code provided with the article demonstrated the use of a named mutex to determine if another instance of an application is currently running.