Sam Azer's Portfolio

A small sampling of projects designed and implemented by Sam Azer

AFORMs Library

The Automated Forms Library is an object oriented library of web tools that automate the bulk of the functionality required in web-based B2B or B2C solutions. It was designed and implemented by Sam Azer in 2001. Over the years it was expanded and improved through two major revisions and is used in several large and small projects., The Azer Technology web site, is a production of Sam Azer, Senior Analyst at BNT Solutions, Inc.

Bell Integrator

A three year project that started in 2002, the Bell Integrator was built on the Automated Forms Library and the Clean Room Environment designed by Sam Azer. Bell employees use the Integrator modules to streamline their business processes by sharing extensive dossiers with their external contractors. The system allows people in different companies, locations and time zones to communicate and work effectively together., The home of Black Star Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Montreal, a non-profit mentoring organization affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.

BNT Relationship Management System

Started in 2002, the BNT Solutions Enterprise Project and Relationship Management System is an internal system used by BNT Solutions. It is designed to manage all aspects of Consulting and Software Engineering. Currently completed modules have the ability to capture customer specifications and generate fully functional code based on those specifications. was a micro-computer sales and service organization which had outlets in north-central and downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. is the web site for the Cosmetic Dentistry offices of Dr. Charles Kamel in Kanata, Ontario, Canada.


The Coty Promotion Tracking System, affectionately known as Popptarts, organizes and keeps track of Product Promotion Plans. It allows staff in various cities around the world to work together on the approval, tracking and execution of promotions. is the personal web site of Sam Azer, Senior Analyst at BNT Solutions, Inc.

The Cleanroom Project Environment

A default environment that provides the basic framework for any major application. Designed and implemented by Sam Azer in 2002, the Cleanroom is an ever-improving project. New functionality is added from time to time; all of which is available for use in the next project.

Visual Power Web

Visual Power Web was designed and implemented in 2001 by Sam Azer. A sophisticated content management system, VPW was also the first major project implemented using the AFORMs library.