The Software Development Cycle

The on-time and on-budget delivery of a successful software project is not difficult to achieve but it's never an accident. Of course there are some things that, even though you try to keep them as simple as possible, are still going to be somewhat complicated. The only solution is to Hold Hands with the customer as We Walk Through the Project Together. Towards that end this document tries to help the customer to understand the How and Why of success in various areas. It's a big-picture overview of the Software Development Cycle as followed at BNT Solutions, Inc.

True Love

Do you have lots of ideas in your head about love? Do you wonder what it is and where you’ll find it? Most people spend many years trying to get this subject organized in their minds. Perhaps if we discuss it in a structured manner we can save some time and learn to be more focussed on building true love in all our relationships.


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