Sending Email using the Javamail Package

It's easy to send mail from your Java app using the standard Javamail package. For the most basic case (no authentication) the code is short and simple. Unfortunately the situation changes if you need authentication. This is largely because different mail servers do things in slightly different ways. In this short note, which includes links to the javamail package information from Oracle, you will find a test app that has been used successfully with Sendmail over SSL.

Site configuration changes due to Crackers Cracking

Unfortunately it turns out that crackers have become quite adept at interpreting CAPTCHA images. In the past few weeks the site has seen a constant stream of automated new user spam accounts and a few spam comment postings. Therefore two unfortunate changes were made to the site configuration today

Unlock and Root your Nexus device - Logically!

Do you need to Root your Android Phone or Tablet? Read this for a simple How and Why of unlocking and rooting - but only for Google Nexus and other devices that are not restricted by their manufacturers.

Scanning for the URLs in a web page

URLs are used extensively in HTML documents and, for various reasons, we often need to manipulate them. To accomplish this we need to be able to scan the documents and identify the URLs. This document describes a super-simple yet effective scanner, written in PHP, that I recently wrote for a small project.

How to reconfigure a legacy Supermicro KVM card

This is a short note for myself. Read it if you need to reconfigure a legacy Supermicro KVM card. I also wrote a little about the convenience of using KVM, in case you're interested.

[UPDATED] Installing Kolab2 on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

Kolab2 is a great groupware server - and it's the only one that is 100% open source and standards based. Unfortunately it's big - really big - and time consuming to install, understand and maintain. Set aside a half-day to a day, brew yourself a pot of coffee and go through the process outlined in this FAQ if you'd like to have your own Kolab groupware server.

SPICE on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

SPICE is a remote display system designed for Virtual Computing. SPICE offers amazing video performance and stereo sound over a LAN connection. Read this FAQ to find out how to install and use SPICE on K/Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot.

System Backup

This is a short introduction to SysBackup, a swiss-army-knife-type utility that helps simplify and organize the nightly backup tasks. It allows the system administrator to quickly and easily script jobs that tarball folders and compress files into a backup set.

Be Prepared

The goal of any serious backup process is to be prepared. An experienced system administrator wants to make sure that any piece of equipment (server or workstation) is setup so that users will be able to get what they need, when they need it, for different types of restore operations.

hostname --fqdn Name or service not known

If your host name does not resolve correctly you can get an annoying Name or Service not known error when you ask for your fully qualified domain name - even if you have correctly set your full host name. Here's why and what to do about it.

What is a Virtual Computer?

There's quite a bit of hype in the world these days around the concept of Virtual Computing - but what is it? Here's a simple explanation.

Linked-In for business and pleasure

The Linked-In crowd will try to convince you that their service is good for business. This is more true than you might believe - and I'll try to demonstrate some of that truth in this article. The part that interests me, though, is that I really enjoy it.


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